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rican bullyingChina's companies won't be dwarfed by American bullying▓China's companies won't be dwarfed by American bullying


opposes U.S. sanctions ag

05-23-2019 10:12 BJTThe United States is taking aim at Chinese enterprises after trade tensions escalated between Washington and Beijing about two weeks ago.After imposing trade restrictions on China's leading tech ▓firm Huawei, this week the United States government issued a warning that Chinese-made dron▓es could pose a cyber-espionage risk to Americ

an businesses. Though it didn't mention a specific company, the Shenzhen-based market-leader DJI is widely believed to be the t▓arget. Washington is also considering blacklist

ing the Chinese surveillance technol▓ogy company Hikvision and blocking it from purchasing from American co

mpanies. Some American politicians are even calling for an investigation into whether a plan to use trains▓ made by China's CRRC on the New York

City subway could pose ▓a threat to national security.The attacks launched by some American politicians against Chi

irmly oppos▓e


nese hi▓gh tech firms over the past few days didn't come out of nowhere. As the only superpower in the world, the United States

has superior scientific, technological, military, and economic strength. Despite this position, some of its politicia▓ns a

ctions against i


re extremely narrow-minded when it comes to tole▓rating the development of advanced industries in other countries. And they are unable to accept the United States being overtaken in▓ any of these fiel

ds.Despite being a latecomer in scientific and te▓chnological development, China has leaped ahead to become a leadi

07-24-2019 09:21


ng player in many fields thanks to its continuous efforts to innovate over the past 40 years. Huawei is a world-leader when it comes to the number of 5G technology pa

tents. DJI, the world's biggest drone maker, holds 70 percent of the global consumer and c▓ommercial drone market. CRRC has become the world's largest manufacturer of railway passenger vehicles. And Hikvision is now a world-leading provider of security and safety equipment, with its pro

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